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Jonah Wallach
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Jonah Wallach really good stuff, cool. a visceral synth album w/ fantasy vibes. very cool. mm. Favorite track: Diaphanous Twilight Love Spiderweb.
Jackson Scoggins
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Jackson Scoggins This is a great project with nice sounds. Very interesting world gabe is creating through noise and vibes. 10/10
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a once-forgotten story rises in memory... a story out of time, from an age long past, from before the oceans drank atlantis...


released December 1, 2016

gabriel hatto: synths and vocals
recorded mostly onto cassette tape during the month of november 2016



all rights reserved


gabriel hatto Chicago, Illinois

sound pop

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Track Name: The Mystic Fog Rises...
caught in between this misty sheen
trapped inside of a fever dream

floating through a syrup land
a sword slips from a numbing hand

oh i can't see
my vision blurs
i know out there
that something stirs

hey there, cowboy, you won't return
you eyeballs smolder
your ashes start to burn
Track Name: The Ruined Ultraviolet City
in the ultraviolet city
ghosts lurk inside of rocks so pretty
the light of death does veil the place
where the gods fell in black disgrace
geometry warps deep inside
and in strange aeons death may die

lying under the mountain
waits knowledge never meant for men
dead hearts still stir in radiance
unseen to men though stark and blanch
all perish in that more-than-light
and wizards' bones rot in the night

and in that violent brilliant gloom
there lies for brave ones only doom
in stone halls among the cairns
god-beasts reach out from their lairs
apocalypse creeps slow from its grave
and it's your world, your world to save

so strong of arm and keen of mind
with glimm'ring sword and soul ashine
go now, in prime, to face the dark
never to become monarch
but to destroy, and thus create
and primal evil fore'er abate
Track Name: Diaphanous Twilight Love Spiderweb
lying, lying with her all alone
fists unclenched you've no more want to roam
the treasure found the king is slain so why
you've seen to it that evil always dies

you've won all that can be won in this land
you've fought the old ones and you've won with your own hands
so leave yourself in legend and rest yourself until the grave
and slumber until there's no more world to save